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It's designed with the needs of homebuilders, remodelers and designers in mind
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Architectural Energy Corporation

REM/Design™ is developed specifically with the needs of homebuilders, remodelers, energy consultants and designers in mind.
REM/Design™ calculates heating, cooling, hot water, lights and appliance loads, consumption and costs for single and multi-family designs in over 250 North American cities. Architectural Energy Corporation continually upgrades REM/Design™ to become more applicable for existing homes. Look for future updates of new reporting, streamlined inputs and web based application.

This windows-based software automatically analyzes the energy and economic performance of numerous energy design features including envelope insulation, air leakage control, duct leakage control, active and passive solar systems, heating and cooling equipment, mechanical ventilation and more. In addition to calculating energy performance, REM/Design™ sizes heating and cooling equipment, and automatically determines compliance with ASHRAE 90.2, and the International Energy Conservation Code for both the prescriptive and performance compliance paths.

Two levels of input have been designed for REM/Design™ users: simplified and detailed. Simplified inputs use general building design characteristics (e.g., house type) and built-in algorithms to determine building shell areas and other characteristics.
Detailed inputs provide the user greater control over calculational values. Inputs include opaque wall construction details, window conduction and solar gain values, HVAC efficiencies, duct system characteristics, passive and active solar design features, infiltration rates (measured or estimated).

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